The Journey & The Creator

Hello, my name is Kierra Rogers and I am a Boston based nail artist. I created Just Pressed Nails in 2022 to express my passion for creating nail art.

My nail art journey started when I was gifted a nail starter kit a few years ago. With this, I started doing my nails and loved the confidence boost it gave me. This accompanied with the attention the nails would receive, made me realized that everyone should have the opportunity to feel this way. Various people in my life would tell me how they wished they could have decorative nails but couldn’t for a variety of reasons. An idea was born! I started out painting full-cover fake nails for practice, then I realized how convenient these could be for people.

After creating a few sets, I fell in love with the process! I couldn't wait to share these unique designs with everyone. The vision? To create beautiful, handcrafted nails for everyone for any occasion. Inclusivity is very important to my business and where my vision stems from. I’m so happy to be on this journey of creativity and am grateful to have an outlet to share it with you all!