In every Just Pressed Nails package, there will be your handmade set(s) in a protective box. Every set comes with a nail prep kit that has a cuticle pusher, nail buffer, and nail glue.

It depends on how you apply/remove them and how much glue is used during application. Be gentle during the removal stage to increase chances of being able to reuse the set.

• Soaking your nails in acetone is the fastest, most effective way to remove the nails. Follow up with filing any remaining glue off. (Please Note: This will damage/disintegrate the press on nails making them unusable.)

• Pulling or ripping the press on nails off will damage your natural nails unless a very small amount of glue was used.

• To remove nails after short term wear and/or reuse them; soaking your nails in warm water will help loosen the nail glue. Try taking a hot shower to assist with the process!

The Pre-Made sets are already packaged and that exact set cannot be modified. However, any of the sets on my website can be remade to fit your nails or if certain details want to be changed..

Of course not! Be creative and share all your ideas with me. I’m open to all shapes and styles.

All sets come with 10 nails in the sizes you choose.

Please visit the Sizing for full instructions on how to measure. Sizing kits are available to be shipped if you want to be certain about your sizes before purchase.

Due to the nature of the products and for sanitary reasons, all sales are final. Exchanges and/or refunds are not offered.

When a custom set is order, there is a processing time of 1-2 weeks. This time is subject to change based on the number of orders I have. For ready-to-sell sets, orders will be shipped in 5 to 7 business days.

Shipping time is based on the choice you make when checking out. Please note, especially for custom orders, choosing a faster shipping time does NOT change the processing time.

Currently, the shapes we offer are Long Coffin, Med Coffin, Med Square, Med Almond, and Short Oval. Please seeing the Sizing Kit product page to see the shapes.

When you first click the link, you are greeted with this screen. Click anywhere one the screen and you'll be prompted to upload a file from your device. Note: The prompts may be different on a mobile device, however, the instructions are the same.

After your select your image, you'll see this screen. Please select the link option and press the "Get a link" button. It is not necessary to change or select any options on this page.

Once your link is ready, simply press the "Copy Link" button and it'll be copied to your clipboard.

Head back to the Order Form page, and paste the link in box next to the "Smash File Sharing Link" box.