Our Quality Guarantee

Customized sizing is always available

Most people's first impression of press-on nails is how easily they'll pop off. The biggest reason this happens is the generic brands from the stores are a part of a one size fits all market. With my custom sizing options, all the guesswork is taken away. Say goodbye to overhanging and tight nails!

Every set goes through a preparation process to ensure longevity

Before any polish or jewels touches your custom nails, they are prepped and will sustain longer through everyday activity. I'll use an electric drill with a sanding bit to rough up the surfaces on both the top and underside of the nails. The rough surface allows the to polish better stick and not lift, as well as, allows the nail glue to better adhere to your natural nail and custom nail.

Product quality is most important

All of the sets that I produce have at least three layers of gel nail polish to ensure the colors are not opaque. The nails are always sealed with one to two layers of gel topcoat for protection as well. This may seem like a lot of layers, however, the nails will still be light and flexible.

More affordable than traditional salons

Heading to the salon wanting long coffin nails in multiple colors and jewels? Be prepared to spend $100+ at some salons! I take pride in my pricing and being able to offer nails to people with all different price ranges. Whether you need a set to match the color of your outfit or you love one of the sets I already made I can work with you so your nails stay gorgeous all year round.