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Saw a design that peaked your interest, but wasn't your size? Or have an idea for your very own unique set? Feel free to place an order now! Please follow the instructions below.



Contact Information: Insert your name and best contact email. This will be the point of contact for your custom set of nails, so please double check to make sure its accurate and free of spelling errors.

Nail Size: If you have already measured your nails with either the DIY Method or used the Nail Sizing Kit, select your nail size range. If you would like the specific sized nails, please include those sizes in the comment section below.

Tip: Best practices include labeling each finger of each hand with their respective size.

Nail Style: If you're interested in one of those Pre-Made style, please select one from the list. Otherwise, please select the "Custom" option and provide the details below.

References (Custom Only): If you have selected the "Custom" option from Step 3, reference pictures are required. For your convenience, Smash is our dedicated file transfer site. Simply upload your picture to the site and click the "Share Link" option, then copy and paste that link in the space available.

Smash Website Link

For more detailed instructions using the Smash website, click here.

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