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SIZE: Small

SHAPE: Short Oval

COLOR: Pink Chrome



This item has already been packaged and cannot be altered in any way. If this design speaks to you, feel free to visit the Custom Sets ordering page and have this set custom tailored to you!

How to Apply

All sets purchased include a insert with How to instructions. Please check out theb"How To" section for in depth instructions on how to apply Just Pressed Nails.

Processing & Shipping

When a custom set is order, there is a processing time of 1-2 weeks. This time is subject to change based on the number of orders I have. For ready-to-sell sets, orders will be shipped in 5 to 7 business days. Shipping time is based on the choice you make when checking out. Please note, especially for custom orders, choosing a faster shipping time does NOT change the processing time.

Return policy

No Refunds. All sales are final, and Just Pressed Nails LLC does not offer any money-back guarantees. No exchanges or returns are accepted. You recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund for any purchase under any circumstances.

If you have any further questions about an order please reach out to